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Opulentus complaints desk

Opulentus Overseas Career is one of the few visa consultancies, which has been operational since 1999. Having its clients in more than half-a-dozen countries, Opulentus adheres to a strict fraud protection policy to keep all unwanted businesses at bay.

With fraudsters going to an extent of taking people for a ride, we have designed Opulentus fraud protection policy. It is unfortunate to note that even after such policy coming to force, innocents are reportedly falling prey to ill acts of idiots.

We at Opulentus don’t spare anyone who play with us or with our prospective clients. If found, all such fraudsters will face stringent punishment for sure.

While some similar complaints are not reaching us and are unfortunately doing rounds on other forums, we appeal to all those who faced any inconvenience to write to Opulentus complaints desk.

The complaints desk is in place to track all your transactions and locate where things have gone wrong. In case you have believed in some third party and got cheated, you must write to us as Opulentus complaints desk and fraud protection team would require your help in tracing out the miscreants.

If you dream an overseas career and want Opulentus help you, we request you to approach us directly as we don’t have any middle men nor do we entertain any person, inside or outside, to act on our behalf.

Visa processing is a systematic process, which will be done transparently. Approaching any middle person to get things done at a faster pace will not help you but in turn hurts your pockets. Opulentus review desk will always be at your service should you require any further assistance in this matter. Alternatively, you can write to Opulentus complaints desk if you have a specific issue.

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