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Hong Kong City – The city where east truly meets West. Many Financial Institutions and large multinationals choose Hong Kong as the base for their Asian headquarters and as such, there are a fair number of job opportunities. The Hong Kong job market remains as vibrant as ever for Expats. Financial and managerial positions are particularly fast moving due to increased competition with Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok, all of which are stiff rivals for expat talent.

Following are the key sectors which dominate Hong Kong’s job market


The Banking and professional services sector remains the primary employer of expatriates. Recently, Hong Kong had brushed off financial the global financial crisis and once again recruits banking talents.


Advertising sector is another good indicator of the economy of the state. In recent years, a rise in media companies planning recruitment campaigns is evident. Many leading media organizations have offices in Hong Kong and often recruit English speaking staff with the right experience.

English Teaching

The English teaching profession should not be overlooked, as the enthusiasm for adults to improve their language skills is as strong as ever. Added to this does the more number of parents want their children to become bilingual and there is a strong demand for skilled English language teachers. The requirements for teaching qualifications are much higher than elsewhere in Asia. Hong Kong language schools are much more professional and better regulated.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hong Kong is home to some of the world's finest hotels and hospitality making it a major employer for this sector. There are many opportunities for senior hotel staff with solid international experience. Also, positions for talented chefs in the territory's many high class restaurants can be very lucrative.

Now as, Hong Kong is included in China, it is only natural that the territory should further integrate its trade and investment ties with the mainland. Hong Kong will be keen to preserve and further enhance its trading and financial assets as China becomes a major global player. This means there are likely to be more opportunities in the public sector as the government comes up with infrastructure projects and other initiatives.

The job market for expatriate graduates is lucrative in Hong Kong. Mandarin or Cantonese speakers are in very high demand indeed, and IT staff with international experience is likely to be employed quickly.


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