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Hong Kong QMAS for the exceptionally talented professionals - May 2016, 28 Hong Kong Immigration introduced the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme to draw the attention of the highly qualified individuals who can help drive the economy of Hong Kong. The people with the progressive mindset and highly talented are encouraged to apply for the Hong Kong Migration. The flexibility of the QMAS visa program is the applicants can bring their spouse and…...

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Hong Kong Successful Immigration Procedure - May 2016, 02 Hong Kong adopted a point based system to welcome highly qualified migrants into the country. The growing economy of the Hong Kong welcomes highly qualified individuals who can fill the gap in its industries. The country expects people with the individuals with exceptional skills. Hong Kong is the hub for international trade, and its relations with all the countries in…...

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Hong Kong Immigration - Point-based skilled immigration - April 2016, 26 Hong Kong immigration(http://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/) welcomes the genuine talent who are specialized in their areas of study and research. The Hong Kong QMAS program Quality Migrant Admission Scheme was introduced to fulfill the skill shortage needs of the Hong Kong. To remain competitive in the global market attracting the global talent is mandatory; anyone with exceptional talent would be given an opportunity…...

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What is Hong Kong QMAS - February 2016, 23 The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme refers to an entrant scheme that is quota based. It is aimed at attracting highly skilled professionals to settle in Hong Kong and enhance its economic competitiveness. There is no need for applicants to secure an offer for local employment before they can enter Hong Kong and settle there. Prerequisites for QMAS immigration…...

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Apply for Hong Kong QMAS visa program - February 2016, 04 Hong Kong is the most populated area under the special administrative region of China. It is the top most financial centers of the world after New York and London.  You can find the diverse range of people in Hong Kong settled to do business in the country. This small region attracts the international business community to do the business and…...

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Hong Kong Immigration: A Warm Welcome to the New Immigrants - November 2015, 20 Hong Kong is previously British Colony, in the southeast China. This nation is not only vibrant but also densely populated. All individuals who are Interested in Hong Kong Immigration can contact the best immigration consultants who would assist in your endeavor. The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is quota based entrant scheme. This particular scheme desires to attract the…...

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What is the Eligibility Criterion for Hong Kong QMAS Scheme ? - October 2015, 27 The Hong Kong QMAS Scheme seeks to draw highly skilled overseas immigrants to enhance the nation’s economy further. Those individuals who intend to reside in Hong Kong to discover employment or business startup prospects should try to find out more details about Hong Kong immigration points calculator. The successful individuals who have migrated to HK Under QMAS have the freedom…...

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What are the Options Available for Immigrating to Hong Kong? - October 2015, 09 If the individuals desire to live and also work abroad, Hong Kong offer’s great opportunity to the individuals having right skills. Hong Kong has one of the successful economies in Asia. It may be worth considering Immigrating to Hong Kong from India. Different options available for Immigrating to Hong Kong •    GEP (General Employment Policy) for skilled workers having job…...

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How to Immigrate to Hong Kong Through Hong Kong QMAS Visa - August 2015, 19 Hong Kong has developed into a major global trade hub as well as financial centre, it is also regarded as a world city.    Most individuals prefer to migrate to Hong Kong; it is special administrative region of China. It is beautiful nation, which is  located near to our nation, India. The nation has highest per capital income that might…...

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Opulentus support obtaining Hong Kong QMAS Visa - March 2015, 04 Mulling on to migrate to Hong Kong? Worried on how to immigrate to your dream destination? Well, we are here to help you out with best visa options and consultants who could make your immigration process hassle-free with appropriate guidance from documentation to visa interview. Hong Kong is a beautiful nation, hailed by top-notch natural attractions, landscapes, stunning traditional monuments,…...

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