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Hong Kong is well positioned to benefit from the rapid growth in the immense Mainland Chinese market. China's entry to the World Trade Organisation and the growth in the consumer sector has set the stage for even greater economic expansion.

Hong Kong has a prime location at the geographical and economic centre of Asia. Business executives have fast and easy access to all the major markets in the Asia Pacific region. This central position is one of the key reasons for the city's popularity as a location for regional operations.

Hong Kong is one of the most corruption-free economies in the world. This is due to Hong Kong’s strong public administration as well as Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Since it was found in the year 1974, the ICAC has promoted a strong anti-corruption culture in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's legal system is separate from Mainland China's, and English common law prevails. The impartial judiciary is independent of the legislature and executive and is drawn from several British Commonwealth jurisdictions as well as from Hong Kong itself. Cases are heard in English and/or Chinese.

In terms of the general Hong Kong work environment, Hong Kong is regarded as the gateway into the China market and has the advantages of business transparency and rule of law. There is a strong anti-graft organization in the ICAC. Much China business is contracted in Hong Kong, whilst fulfillment is largely taken place within the PRC. This is evidenced with many multi-national and local companies having their head office here, with the manufacturing and back-office functions located over the border in places like Shenzhen.

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