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Settling in a new city is often a challenge. As permanent resident you can enjoy the benefit of taking up a job in Hong Kong, to study or to establish business. Permanent Resident will enjoy equal benefits like Hong Kong residents. If you want to settle in HK or already in HK under a temporary visa, we can assist you to settle there permanently.

Settling in a new city is often a challenge.

  • Once you arrive in Hong Kong,you need to register with the Immigration Department for a Hong Kong identity card which is required on many occasions to identify yourself as Hong Kong resident
  • You can own an apartment or rent a flat when you first settle in Hong Kong
  • Transport system comprising a wide range of public transport modes
  • Labour Department provides free employment services for job seeker who are lawfully employable in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong is renowned for its simple tax structure with low tax rates
  • There are various public health services, ranging from general outpatient services, health clinics to specialist hospital care in Hong Kong
  • There is a wide range of services and activities for new arrivals, such as familiarization courses, employment seminars, language classes, experience sharing and visits
  • Education and support services are provided for newly arrived children to assist them to integrate into the education system and community in Hong Kong
  • Once you have settled in your new home, you should learn how to seek assistance in case of emergence.
  • You can look for ideas to start exploring the fun of living in Hong Kong with various cultural, leisure and sports activities provided by Government

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    Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

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    Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

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